Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blue & Ivory

Similar to the Blue and White Spring Wedding from earlier in the year, this wedding chose to CELEBRATE SUMMER with an aqua blue, bright green and ivory. The extra time and attention given to the small details, such as favors, decorations for hors d'oeuvres table and even small things for the bar, really pulled this event together.

It was beautifully crafted by the bride and as always, Piedmont Club offered its services in setting up. The favors and small pieces are dropped off during the week before the wedding and Michele Choi, Member Services Director takes care of all the wedding setup.

The Bride and Groom do not have to worry about sending a friend for setup or if the room will be ready in time. Michele serves as a day-off coordinator, helping in any way possible to make the day perfect for everyone!

The height of the centerpieces gave a real WOW factor as guests arrived for this event.

Though it is difficult (without a professional photographer) to get a picture of our entire room, the head table is often set in the center (and head) of the room in front of the windows, the dancefloor in the center and tables on either side of the room. The view below shows one half of the room. This wedding was set for approximately 150. (7 tables of 10 on either side and a head table of 10 at the top of the room).