Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Piedmont Private Events Open House

On Sunday, February 8th, Piedmont Club held an Open House for all our current and potential Brides to get a look at the Ballroom and Rotunda when it's set in style. It was also an opportunity to try some of our banquet hors d'oeuvres and see our favorite vendors in action, including Dan LaMaestra, our resident DJ, and Hilary Bradley, The Chocolate Chick. We even had a REAL WEDDING CAKE to taste, provided by Cupcake Heaven and Cafe.

I made sure to take pictures of each of the table setups to post some more pictures for any of you who could not attend this event.

Brown & Ivory

with a Coffee Bean and Candles Centerpiece:

Taupe Linens with Ivory Napkins
Napkins were wrapped in a red and ivory checkered picnic pattern and the centerpiece had grapes in it, giving this table a very spring, outdoorsy kind of feel to it.

Red & White
One of my favorite color combinations from last year's weddings. Several of our brides have chosen this scheme for weddings this year and I just had to share it!!

Burgundy and Ivory
Another classic combination that matches our ballroom colors and carpet quite nicely.

Dan's DJ Booth Setup:

More Burgundy:

Diamond Events
Wedding Planners who can help you every step of the way:

More Red & White:

Wedding Cake by Cupcake Heaven and Cafe, located in Haymarket. Setup in our beautiful Rotunda:

An example Head Table Setup with Baby Blue Napkins and Taupe Floorlength Linens:

More Table Setups:

Chocolate Fountain, setup by the Chocolate Chick, Hilary Bradley:

The Rotunda: