Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Winter Wedding!! Jan 6th, 2010

Usually, I post ONLY room setup pictures of ceremonies and receptions we have here at the Club. I do not include people and photos of the event in progress.

Classic Creations Photography did such a fabulous job with this particular wedding that I just couldn't resist! (Keep in mind, the photos from the wedding are VERY high resolution, so I had to shrink them to fit on this blog).

I think this is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to see some of the great shots your photographer can get of dancing and FUN being had at your wedding!

There are still some room setup photos in this post for those of you who are looking for some ideas on favors and centerpieces, but I thought you should see just how wonderful your father daughter dance and other particulars of a wedding can be.

This wedding was in the winter time so there were very few pictures taken outdoors (on the golf course) and they are STILL wonderful. :-)

I will choose a wedding this spring/summer and post some of the photos that we take of the bride & groom on the golf course.


The ceremony was at All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, for those of you whoa re wondering....

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
(Brother & Sister)

Bridal Party Introductions
(to the Knight Rider Theme Song)
It's always a great idea to get fun and funky with your intros!!!!

Bride & Groom First Dance
(The Slide Show from Cocktail Hour is still playing so it is such a fun moment!)

Father Daughter Dance:

Bride & Groom Introduction (before the above dances - sorry they got out of order a bit). Entered to the Rocky Theme Song, hence the boxing gloves and hoodie!

More First Dance Photos. This is when having a HUGE ceiling and nice chandelier makes a difference. What a great shot!


Sweetheart Table
This oen is Set for 4: Bride, Groom, Best Man & Maid of Honor
This way, you don't have to sit by yourself, but you are allowing most of your bridal party to sit with their family and friends.

The Rotunda table was used upon guests arrival for place cards and favor bags (for the kids) then later used for the dessert display.

The Dinner Buffet:
There were actually TWO separate buffet stations. This is only half. Both sides had a floral arrangement in the center and red rose petals spread out on the table to add some color and a touch of elegance to the buffet. People often forget that a buffet can be beautiful too!


Musical DJ's provided sound and EXCELLENT lighting for the evning when it was time to get down and boogie!!!

The Groom's Cake

The Groom graduated RIGHT before the wedding (after a loooong time in school) so his "groom's cake" was a GRADUATION cake that said FINALLY! Guests always appreciate a good laugh with a fun groom's cake!


The Big Send Off

Sparklers have been our most popular send off and, when it's dark enough, you can get some excellent photos of the Big Exit!!