Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kestenbaum Bar Mitzvah (Take 2) March 13, 2010

This Bar Mitzvah (rescheduled from our BLIZZARD in Feb 2010) was SUCH a fun event! With a college football theme, an airbrush t-shirt artist, great food and drinks, DJ, dancing and GAMES, it was a fun time for kids and adults alike!

Balloon Arch and centerpieces provided by the Piedmont Club! Instead of purchasing balloon arrangements somewhere else and having to worry about transporting them here for your party, just let us do it for you!!! Our number one goal is to take the stress away from YOU!!

Each table represented a different college football team so it had different colored napkins & balloons. The centerpieces were anchored with little team football helmets! IT was a fun idea AND many of the kids took the helmets as favors!

Half of the room was set for the kids, with a dancefloor and u-shape fun table, while the other half had round tables for a plated meal for the adults! Keeping them all in the same room kept the party together, while still allowing them to enjoy appropriate meals.

Place cards for the adult tables where held with little football men. These were favors for the adults!!

Airbrush magic made each of the kids a personalized t-shirt as a favor for them to take home. It was also REALLY fun to watch so it ended up being a really great activity for the day!

All caffeine free beverages for the kids included, Sierra Mist, Lemonade & Rootbeer!