Saturday, October 9, 2010

Robinson Wedding - October 9th

Elegant, charming, simple and sweet.

Ivory, brown, and fun green apples!!!

A lovely fall setting, with some warm weather made for a GREAT October wedding!

Their cake was displayed on a side table (rather than the center) in the Rotunda so that we could more easily MOVE it onto the dance floor when it was time for their cake cutting.

We also opted to host the bar in the central rotunda area as well...we do this more commonly in the winter time when we are unable to use the upper patio outside or the library.

Their centerpieces were so CUTE!

To add a touch more elegance, this couple opted to rent the Fruitwood Chivari chairs with ivory cushions. The Chivari chairs (of any color) are more light and can REALLY brighten up the room.

A ROUND sweetheart table:

They posted an "Events of the Day" sign on the Bar to remind guests of the itinerary WHILE they were waiting for their drinks. It helped to ensure that nobody missed anything while hanging out at the bar. :-)