Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Open House - April - Room Setup

The following are the setup photos from our April Open House. The next Wedding Open House won't be until October so I made sure I took a LOT of photos!!!

The round table in the center of our Grand Rotunda had a sign in to greet everyone. Brides filled out a raffle card for all of our FABULOUS prizes of the evening!

We had one table setup for each season. Using a mixture of rented linens and our in-house linens, this gives brides an idea of what Piedmont can do no matter what time of year it is!!

Winter Table
Floorlength Cerise Bengaline - Hot Pink
Black and White Rose Lamour Overlay - Pinned Up
Black Chair Covers with White Lamour Chair Ties
Cerise Bengaline Napkins
FUN Hot Pink and Yellow Accent Flowers

Ivory Linens (in-house)
Brown Napkins (in-house) - Fan Fold
Amber Shantung Chair Ties used on OUR Chairs (no covers)
and for the Table Runner

Closeup on the spring table flowers. Sassy roses were a stunning touch to the table.

There were two sets of tall cocktail tables. These first two had a floorlength turquoise lamour linen. Topped with our in-house 14 inch round mirrors, votive candles and some fun pink petals and bud vases.

The Head Table was a combination of Colors that would be festive ANY time of year!!! Peacock Twist Linens with Eggplant Lamour Napkins and Silver Chivari Chairs. Stunning.

Spring Table:
White Linen (in-house)
Sunglow Yellow Napkins (in-house)
White Chair Covers (rented)
This table shows off two types of sashes:
Celadon Sparkle Sheer AND Apple Green Lamour.

Summer Table: (my favorite)
Tiffany Lamour Floorlength Linen
Carlisle Napkins
Beige Bengaline Chair Covers
Tiffany Lamour Chair Ties

The other Two Cocktail Tables:
Black Floorlength Linen
Topped with the Turquoise Zinnia Overlay
Topped with great white lanterns with candle and flower accents

The Rotunda Display had photo albums of events at our beautiful Clubhouse as well as the raffle cards for bides to fill out as they entered. We had about 20 or 25 raffle prizes for the night!!! AMAZING!

Our in-house Linens were on display for all to see.

The Tuscan Antipasti Display: