Saturday, June 4, 2011

McDonough-Frapiccini Wedding - June 4th

Sweet and of my favorite spring combos: hot pink and "hot" green. :-)

The cradenzas were put to good use with their pictures and flowers/candles. A nice warm welcome for guests as they enter the Clubhouse.

LOVED these boards!!
Brought more of their colors in while displaying the seating cards in a unique way. (Also saved some table top space for some more FUN things!)

Another unique design. :-)
The guests used the green ink to make thumb prints on the tree as a leaf and then signed next to their print. We provided baby wipes as well so they could wipe off the ink before moving on.

Caught the photographer for a moment while taking pictures of the couple out on our golf course. :-) We get creative so the couple can stand "safely" on the cart path but "appear" to be in the middle of the field. GOOD THINKING, RIGHT? Nobody wants ticks on their honeymoon.

BEST Groom's Cake EVER!!!
Horror Film Theme...could you tell?